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Learn more about our curriculum and how you can become a pivotal part of health care in clinical environments. 

Now in its 10th year, the IIYT comprehensive curriculum equips you to work as a yoga therapist within clinical environments: entering patient data and providing yoga therapy for patient-centered multimodule health care and research.
As a certified yoga therapist through the International Institute of Yoga Therapy (IIYT) you receive over 1000 hours of advanced training in clinical applications of yoga therapy and exposure to research. 

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Yoga therapy is …….

Yoga therapy focuses on offering providing instruction in methods that can help people self-manage anxiety, fear, pain, stress with techniques that have been shown to help induce a sense of comfort, stability, strength and restfulness throughout our everyday lives and challenges. 

Yoga therapy can help:

• reverse stress-related symptoms

• generate a sense of healing or comfort

• self-actualize a meaningful quality of life


Generally working within a clinical environment, the yoga therapist meets with individuals,

referred to as patients, on a one-to-one or small group symptom specific basis. A yoga therapist

can enter patient information into standard medical recording systems.


Yoga therapy is a part of the system of integrative healing modalities that can help patients 
self-activate well-being through effective and adaptive breathing, meditation and, only when

appropriate, physical movements.


Yoga therapy is not an alternative to traditional treatments. Rather it should accompany long-

standing methods providing the patient with another potential tool to benefit their overall



Interested in becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist with IIYT?

If so, the curriculum in yoga therapy certification (over 1000 hours of advanced training, clinical

experience, and exposure to research) adheres to an academically based model 

emphasizing clinical applications of yoga therapy techniques as well as research protocols.


IIYT is a fully accredited certification program. The multi-year curriculum focuses on tri-level

courses of study. IIYT also offers a post-graduate specialization in yoga therapy fellowship.


Level I: basic yoga teacher training.

Level II: didactic instruction (virtual) – structural/musculoskeletal, stress reduction, life cycles,

endocrine/immune/oncology, circulatory systems

Level III: yoga therapy virtual and on-site clinical externship – didactic lectures, mentored onsite and virtual clinical rotations, research collaborations and specialized teaching experiences

Level IV: Post-graduate Specialization in Yoga Therapy Fellowship On site specialization in

yoga therapy and research for peer-review journal publication.

The International Institute of Yoga Therapy is accredited by the IAYT

IIYT has been training yoga therapists for over 10 years and has partnerships in multiple five hospital locations.


Are You a Health Care Professional?

If so, IIYT is seeking accreditation as a Yoga Therapy Certification Program for Qualified Health

Care Professionals (QHP) – a course of training designed for health care providers already

skilled in clinical applications and patient documentation and who wish to apply yoga therapy

to benefit patients within their already existing clinical environments.


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